When should one book a gorilla safari?
When should one book a gorilla safari?

When should one book a gorilla safari – The best time to go gorilla trekking – Book a gorilla trip early

When should one book a gorilla safari? A safari to encounter mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is a lifetime experience no one should miss out on when still alive. Gorilla trekking is currently the most treasured and most popular tourist activity in Uganda and Rwanda. In Uganda, gorilla safaris are conducted in only two gorilla destinations and that’s Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga gorilla national parks, and in Rwanda, gorilla trekking is carried out in only one destination and that’s Volcanoes national game park.

The majority of travelers from around the world come mainly to encounter the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural wild setting and the most asked question by all travelers considering coming to East Africa for this encounter is “When should one book a gorilla safari?”.

Gorilla trekking being one of the most opted-for adventure experiences in both Uganda and Rwanda, we at all times encourage our victors to consider arranging for and booking their gorilla trekking safaris to east Africa early enough, six months or even a year before their gorilla trekking dates.

When contacted early enough at Katland Safaris, we tailor-make your gorilla trekking safari by putting all logistics in one place to give you the best gorilla trekking holiday ever. When planning for your gorilla trekking safari to either Uganda or Rwanda, acquiring a gorilla trekking permit must be at the top of the list of the things you need. This official government document allows an hour or four with the mountain gorillas in the wild. Make sure you book your gorilla permit in advance.

 Best time to go for a gorilla trek in Uganda and Rwanda

When should one book a gorilla safari? Gorilla trekking in both Uganda and Rwanda can be done all through the year, however, consideration should be made on which particular months should one go gorilla trekking. The dry season is of no doubt the most preferred time for gorilla trekking starting from June to September and December to February.

It’s advisable to do gorilla trekking in the dry months because of the nature of the terrain most especially for Bwindi’s impenetrable national game parks. The forest is so thick to the level that at times trails are created by guides using pangas during the wet season. This an exciting experience but at most times a challenging one, and that’s why we advise visitors to go gorilla trekking in the dry season.

 Why you should book your gorilla safari early?

Gorilla trekking is the most demanded tourist activity in Uganda and Rwanda, yet only eight people are permitted to trek a single gorilla family or group in a day. This means very few gorilla permits are released and immediately booked out by clients.

A gorilla trekking safari comes with logistics from transport to and from the gorilla destinations, to accommodation to park entrances and guides. All these things tend to be booked out quickly.

Booking for a gorilla trekking safari early enough makes it so easy to find good accommodation facilities for your overnight stay. There is a high occupancy rate for most accommodations and that’s why you need to book your gorilla trekking safari to Uganda very early enough to avoid frustrations and disappointments.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries about booking a gorilla safari to Uganda in advance.

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