Uganda & Rwanda


Things To Do

Are you planning on visiting Uganda and Rwanda, for an authentic true East African Experience, join us on a life-changing journey as we take you to explore the true traditional Uganda and Rwanda? East Africa is enormous and diverse, which means that the experiences we offer vary tremendously, from region to region based on the destination you plan to visit. Katland Safaris introduces you to every aspect of East Aafrica, from relaxing in camps and dining in the bush to observing nature unfold in the African wild or getting to know the local people, their heritage, life style and culture.
We organize safaris to all regions in East Africa and our wildlife safaris will give you an opportunity to explore Uthe regions unique wildlife with primates and gorilla trekking and big 5 wildlife safaris. On our wildlife safaris you can choose to customize your safari to only gorilla trekking or combine it with seeing all the Big 5 animals and as well as community and cultural encounters. Below we reveal just a little of the variety of experiences you can partake in while on a safari through East Africa. Contact us here to get the planning started for your visit to Uganda for a safari experience.