Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Why not make your visit to Rwanda as adventurous as possible, Canopy walk in Rwanda Nyungwe Forest National Park. The canopy walk is one of the ideal highlights to do in Nyungwe Forest National Park on your trip to Rwanda, Nyungwe forest is a hotbed of biodiversity. You will do hour’s walk to the canopy walkway from the Uwinka Reception Centre, you will see countless butterflies, orchids and colorful birds, including many endemics to the region. Thirteen species of primate live in Nyungwe, so a chance encounter isn’t out of the question. The steep forested slopes have well-maintained footpaths, which can become muddy, especially after rain.


Nyungwe Forest sits on 1015sq Km making it the largest remaining area of the Tropical Afro Montane rainforest in East Africa. The Canopy walk in Nyungwe forest is a 3-hour thriller on a 200 meters long trail located 50 meters above the forest cover. The view at the top of the trees gives you the eagle’s eye experience and great experience of Nyungwe Forest National Park


How much does the Canopy walk cost in Rwanda Nyungwe Forest National Park


Canopy walk activity costs USD60 per person per walk, the fee includes park entrance, ranger, and guide assigned to move with you and your group. The permits are issued by the Rwanda development board which is in charge of all tourism activities in Rwanda. You will be required to show your canopy walk payment receipt at the park headquarters just before proceeding to the beginning point on the date of trekking.


How to book Canopy walk in Rwanda Nyungwe Forest National Park


You can book your Canopy walk in Rwanda Nyungwe Forest National Park through Katland Safaris. Bookings are made directly through the Rwanda Development Board and you can only book in advance, you can always contact us to check availability for your desired dates and book your permits for Canopy walk in Rwanda Nyungwe Forest National Park.


Other activities to do in Nyungwe Forest National Park




Bird watching in Nyungwe National Park. Nyungwe forest is a tropical montane rainforest that is home to 322 bird species, so far 29 are bird species have been found here. The star attraction is undoubtedly the Red-collared Babbler and Rwanda is the only safe place to see this stunning bird. Other specialities include Rwenzori Turaco, Handsome Francolin, Rwenzori Nightjar, Grauer’s Warbler, Regal, Blue-headed and Purple Breasted Sunbirds, Grauer’s Swamp Warbler and Neumann’s Warbler. All of these and more can be seen easily from a well-maintained network of trails with the help of the park’s expert bird guides.


With more time and a bit of luck it is also possible to observe Kungwe Apalis, Kivu Ground Thrush and Willard’s Sooty Boubou. Possibly the rarest of Nyungwe’s birds would be the Congo Bay Owl, Albertine Owlet and Shelley’s Crimsonwing, Rockefeller’s Sunbird which have been reported, but are seldom seen. Contact us for a birding trip to Nyungwe forest National Park on your honeymoon


Hiking through the Forest


Nyungwe forest has different trails for hiking through the forest this will give you an opportunity to view various plants, birds, butterflies and meet primates if lucky. Some of the hiking trails gishigishigi Trail, Karamba Trail, Umugote Trail, Umoyove Trai, Uwinka Trail, Irebero Trail, Imbaraga Trail, Bigugu Trail, Isumo Trail (This trail takes hikers through verdant tea fields, a steep rainforest ravines and to top it off, the biggest waterfall in the Nyungwe National Park) Kamiranzovu Trail, Muzimu Trail, Ngabwe Trail, Rukuzi Trail. The hikes can last from one hour to full day hikes depending on the one you choose.


Colobus Monkey tracking


Nyungwe forest has 13 species of primates with the monkeys the dominant species. The Rwenzori Colobus monkey is endemic to this forest, the monkey trekking can be done any time in Nyungwe forest in southern Rwanda. The park has many individuals and often you can find a group of 400 individuals while on this trek. Just like the other primates, it is best to track them in the morning when they are actively in feeding and grooming before they rest. Other monkey species you will see include the Grey-Cheeked Mangabeys, Blue-Monkeys, L’Hoest Monkeys, Owl Faced Monkeys and Mona Monkeys.


Where to stay in Nyungwe Forest National Park


The Nyungwe forest national park is surrounded by different types of accommodation facilities offering services at different costs which imply that there will certainly be a place to stay for every visitor to Nyungwe irrespective of one’s budget. Some of the recommended accommodations include the luxury One & Only Nyungwe House, Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel and the Nyungwe Forest Lodge, Gisakura Guesthouse.


How to get to Nyungwe forest National Park?


By Air: you can fly into Kamembe international Airstrip from Kigali by RwandAir. The airline offer domestic flights and one of its domestic routes is Kigali-Kamembe. RwandAir offers a minimum of 9 flights a week from Kigali to Kamembe International airport. The Airport is close to Nyungwe forest and some of the Hotels/Camps.


By Road: You can as well access Nyungwe forest by road transport, we do offer road trips for chimpanzee safaris. It is approximately 5-6 hours’ drive to Nyungwe from Kigali city, our safaris start at 8:00am, you will have stops on the way for scenic views and photography as there is a lot to see on the way.


Why book with us Canopy walk in Rwanda Nyungwe Forest National Park


Katland Safaris is a local tour operator based in Uganda with its head offices in Entebbe but we also operate and sell tours to Rwanda, Kenya, Congo, and Tanzania. We have a good and long working relationship with Rwanda development Board making it easy to book your spot for a Canopy walk in Rwanda Nyungwe Forest National Park, all activities in Nyungwe and services as well as Hotels. Please contact Eco Adventure safaris to plan your Canopy walk in Rwanda Nyungwe Forest National Park.A