Volunteer with us

Katland Safaris Limited organizes volunteer tours to the East African countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Africa is one of the best volunteer destinations for volunteers around the world willing to help various local communities and vulnerable groups.In all destinations we arrange volunteer trips to local communities facing various challenges and need extra support from people willing to give this support, this can be done through donating various items, offer skills like teaching, building or work directly with the local communities on various available projects and achieve long term goals.

How to volunteer in East Africa?

With Katland Safaris the good news is that we make it incredibly accessible, just follow these steps to turn your East Africa volunteer travel dreams into a reality and you can as well contact us here for more details;

Think about the work you want to do, whether that’s helping children, protecting endangered wildlife, or building houses. If you have your heart set on a particular country in East Africa, then choose your favorite from the projects we offer in that destination.

Reach out to our Project Experts, who can provide more information and help you make the right choice for your interests and goals.

Decide how much time you have to travel to Africa, how flexible your dates are, and if you’d rather travel alone or as part of a group. This will determine what kind of trip is right for you, whether that’s an independent solo Trip, Group Trip, or a High School Special for students aged 15-18 we shall tailor and arrange for you accordingly.

Once you know which east African country you want to visit, what type of work you’d like to be doing, and the length you wish to travel for, there’s nothing left to do but fill in the application form and book your place, we will share with you a form to fill in and then help book everything to make your volunteer trip a success.


Minimum age to be to Volunteer in Africa?

All our East Africa volunteer programs are open to people aged 15 and over. To join a project, all you need to do is check you meet the requirements and apply. We also offer volunteer programs in east Africa for high school students aged 15-18. Our High School Specials are designed to give teenagers the support and care they need as young travelers which will help change lives of the local children at a given destination, we can arrange this for you during any period of time throughout the year.


For volunteering in East Africa there is no maximum age limit. We believe you’re never too old to do volunteer work in east Africa. We offer volunteer opportunities in Africa for college students, gap year, post-grads and adults. In fact, your experience and skills are much needed to support development in East African countries.


Is it Safe to Volunteer in Africa?

Many people ask if a volunteer trip to Africa is safe. When you volunteer with us at Katland Safaris Limited in countries we operate in East Africa, this is something you can stop worrying about. We’ll place you in countries that are politically stable and safe to visit, and our local staff keep a close eye on changing situations to alert you in case it is not safe.

We only work in the safest countries in East Africa to volunteer. This means that you can really devote your energy into making a positive change in the local community. As always when traveling abroad, volunteers in East Africa should stay alert. Local staff will be on hand to offer tips and advice on keeping yourself and your belongings safe.

please feel free to contact us for any more information about volunteering in East Africa