Booking a family gorilla trekking safari
Booking a family gorilla trekking safari. Traveling with family for gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda is an adventure of a life time

Gorilla trekking safaris through Uganda and Rwanda – Gorilla Habituation safaris – Family Holiday 

Booking a family gorilla trekking safari. Traveling with family for gorilla trekking is so much fun, but having a detailed itinerary to follow during a family gorilla trekking safari in Uganda and Rwanda is time-saving and reduces the panic you may go through if you travel with no plan. A range of rare safari packages are available for you and your family like:

3 days Uganda Gorilla trekking Safari

5-day gorilla trekking and chimpanzee safari

7-day gorilla, chimpanzee trekking and wildlife safari

9- days gorilla and wildlife safari.

These give you a better guideline on what you and your family wish to do and on which days of the week. In case you want to have a special moment during gorilla trekking like an engagement, birthday surprise and so much more, you can follow the days provided and with your tour operator make the desired changes to suit your expectations. You need to inform your travel agent before traveling in case you have any special arrangements so that the park authorities are in the know and also make special arrangements for this.

2 day and three-day gorilla trekking safari itineraries are available but these may not be suitable for a family vacation since lots of baggage is involved. At times it’s consuming to get all people traveling in the same place at the same time in the shortest time. These itineraries are a rash program arrangement and may not give you enough time for family boarding.

Booking a family gorilla trekking safari

On transport from your destination to Uganda or Rwanda, Make Early Flight Arrangements Before Gorilla Trekking with your Family. International flights get overbooked during the holiday season. If you hope to travel with family for gorilla trekking in Africa, depending on the number of people traveling, you need to book international flights in advance.

Gorilla trekking permits are not rescheduled when it gets to some days towards your booked date. This may call for a hefty price as per the rules set by authorities.

Even if you are not coming from the same place or country and booked on different flights, you need to be in Uganda or Rwanda at least a day before starting the gorilla trekking safari. This enables you to put all required gorilla trekking gears to travel with to the countryside together.

In case any flights are missed by someone at the party, you need to communicate with us at Katland Safaris so that private arrangements are made for this person to catch up.

Domestic flights to gorilla trekking parks in Uganda also require prior arrangements. In case you choose this arrangement for the family vacation, a reservation is needed. This is because domestic flights get overbooked, especially during peak seasons.

Hire a comfortable vehicle for a gorilla trekking safari with family.

Although gorilla trekking packages we tailor at Katland Safaris include car hire, reserving a comfortable car for family trips is special. Each person needs a window seat or a comfortable position for the entire safari. Most of the vehicles have limits on the number of seats and access to a window. No one wants to be obstructed during the safari. The more family members the more safari vehicles to book.

Booking a family gorilla trekking safari

Advise On Meal Arrangements Before Gorilla Trekking

Traveling with family members with allergies can be challenging in case you don’t advise anyone on their meal plan. Before traveling for gorilla trekking, we recommend our clients give us their meal plan in advance in case some have food allergies. Some travelers want to taste local cuisines which is an additional adventure but do ask for assistance from your guide driver. He knows the best hygienically approved spots where this local food arrangement can be made.

Lots of street food is sold on the way but we do not advise clients to buy this because of food poisoning possibility. Most of the accommodations up country are Full Board facilities but you need to advise on what you prefer to be served at meals. This is in case you are not comfortable with a certain meal arrangement. Lots of organic fruits and vegetables are locally grown and served at these lodges. For vegans, you are fully covered during your stay during gorilla trekking.

Organize Gorilla Trekking Gear in advance

Sharing a list of gorilla trekking gear with each member of the family traveling is helpful. On the ground, there is less time to go shopping for any gear because of the proximity of most shops in Town. Even on departure day to go to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or any other gorilla trekking destination, there is no time to waste shopping. The program is normally tight because of the long hours expected to drive on the road.

Things to do after encountering gorillas with your family.

Chimpanzee trekking

After a successful full-family gorilla trekking adventure in Uganda or Rwanda, you can do chimpanzee trekking. In Uganda Kibale Forest National Park has the largest number of habituated chimpanzees in Africa and in Rwanda chimpanzee trek from Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Game drives After Gorilla Trekking

Although gorilla trekking is a whole day adventure, you can still connect to the game parks like Queen Elizabeth National Park depending on the time of return from Bwindi Forest or Volcanoes national park. Lots of wild animals and scenery are lovely to look at. Some wild animals include tree-climbing lions, leopards, herds of elephants, topis, waterbucks, bushbucks, and huge mountains of the moon (Mountain Rwenzori).

White water rafting on River Nile with family

Relaxing on River Nile after gorilla trekking is refreshing. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience in peddling. Experienced divers and trainers are present to take you through short lessons on how to overcome the tides. Kayaks are also present for anyone not comfortable with rapid tides

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries on booking a family gorilla trekking package Uganda – Rwanda

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