Book a gorilla permit to Uganda.
Book a gorilla permit to Uganda.

Book a gorilla permit to Uganda. Gorilla trekking Safaris – Gorilla Habituation.

Book a gorilla permit to Uganda. If you are planning for a gorilla trekking adventure through Uganda, purchasing and acquiring a gorilla permit must be top of the list of the things you must have early enough before the gorilla adventure happens. This is the official government of Uganda document that allows you access to the only two gorilla destinations in the country that’s Bwindi impenetrable national game park and Mgahinga gorilla national game park.

Your one-hour or four hours encounter with the mountain gorilla in either Bwindi or Mgahinga gorilla national park can only be assured after purchasing the gorilla permits. At the gate of any of the two-gorilla destinations, a client is asked to present his or her passport and the gorilla permit before the briefing on how the trekking adventure will go on.

Where to get gorilla permits in Uganda.

Gorilla permits in Uganda for both destinations Bwindi and Mgahinga are only issued by the Uganda wildlife authority (UWA), the government agency in charge of all national parks in the country. A visitor can either contact Uwa by a direct call or simply by sending them a mail requesting for reservation of gorilla permits for a particular date. Upon confirmation of the availability of the gorilla trekking permit, a client will then make payments, and his or her gorilla trekking permit will be issued to him or her.

However, many visitors who have taken this path have ended up frustrated and left with only one easy option and that’s going through on-ground tour operators and agents for the purchase of their gorilla trekking permits a thing that has proven to be so easy and swift.

Book a gorilla permit to Uganda.

Katland safaris have helped many visitors book gorilla permits for both Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla national parks and we have extensively written about the entire process of acquiring gorilla permits. We are proud how selves for being among very few tours and travel companies with experience and extensive knowledge of gorilla trekking through Uganda and Rwanda.

We are a tour and travel company based in Uganda’s capital Kampala run and managed by young Ugandans passionate about selling the beautiful country Uganda is to the rest of the world. An email or a direct call to us answers all your gorilla trekking queries in no time. We will design an all-inclusive gorilla safari and sometimes combine it with wildlife to give you a true and rewarding holiday through the most beautiful country on earth Uganda.

Our most popular gorilla trekking safaris include 3 Day Bwindi gorilla trekking safari, 3 days of Uganda gorilla trekking from Rwanda, and 5 days of Uganda gorilla and wildlife safari.

When to book a gorilla permit.

Uganda with its two gorilla destinations Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla national park issues not more than one hundred and fifty Gorilla permits per day. Therefore, acquiring a gorilla trekking permit is very competitive and extremely disappointing for last-minute booking visitors. We therefore at times advise our clients to book very early enough and this can be anything between 4 to 6 months. At times we even book permits for our clients a year before their gorilla trekking adventure happens. You can contact us by email for any inquiries on booking your gorilla permit early.

How much is a gorilla permit?

A gorilla permit in Uganda costs 700 dollars for foreign nationals and is only issued to individuals of 15years of age and above. Foreign residents with work permits in Uganda are charged 600dollars and 250,000 Uganda shillings are charged to East African residents

What’s included in your gorilla permit?

Uganda’s gorilla trekking permit includes access to the two-gorilla trekking destinations in the country, that’s either Bwindi Impenetrable national game park or Mgahinga gorilla national game Park. For regular trekking, the permit gives you a full hour with the mount gorillas and this starts to count upon reaching the gorillas. However, for gorilla habituation permits, you are given four full hours to spend with the gentle giants.

The permit gives you access to the gorilla trekking experience on the exact dates that were reserved. Missing the dates means that a particular gorilla permit becomes invalid.

Each gorilla trekking permit comes with a ranger guide who navigates you through the thick forests of either Bwindi or Mgahinga gorilla national game parks.

Upon reaching the mountain gorillas, visitors are permitted to take pictures and videos to share with their loved ones back home.

Book a gorilla trekking safari with Katland safaris.

Cut a great deal of planning time and the frustration that comes with it and book your gorilla trekking safari with us at Katland safaris. We will tailor make you the best safari, and put all the logistics from booking the gorilla permits to transportation, guiding, and accommodation in one place.

Contact us for any more inquiries on booking a gorilla safari to Uganda.

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