How much does a Ugandan Safari Cost?
How much does a Ugandan Safari Cost?

How much does a Ugandan Safari Cost?

Budgeting for a safari to Uganda – Luxury and Mid-Range Safaris Through Uganda

How much does a Ugandan Safari Cost?. Independent travel in Uganda is inexpensive by most standards. The cost of your safaris through Uganda will therefore largely depend on how you want to travel and what destinations and activities would you wish to go to and do.

A Ugandan safari costs anywhere between $125 and $1,500 per person per night. A budget safari averages $150 per night, mid-range $350, and luxury $750. The extreme top safaris can easily go up to $1,500 per night, or more. There is a safari to suit every budget.

How much does a Ugandan Safari Cost?

In most parts of the country, it will be difficult to keep your basic travel expenses below 30 dollars per day including transport, food, and accommodation.

When you choose to go on an organized safari, the only expense over and above your basic travel costs will be incurred in national parks where you can expect to spend around 85 dollars per day every 24 hours on entrances and activities as well as on meal prices. If you choose to go gorilla trekking, the cost of a gorilla trekking permit is 700 dollars per person per trek.

How much does a Ugandan Safari Cost?

If Funds are very tight, it’s usually advisable to consider cheaper options like camping or urban Lodging instead of going in for the high-end lodges.

For a fantastic safari experience, we recommend a safari cost of between 1000 to 2000 dollars per night per person sharing per night. This cost will include transportation and Guides, accommodation in nice lodging facilities, Land air Transfers where required, and tourist activities while in the national parks.

Our guests tend to prefer smaller, more intimate, and more exclusive properties which are more expensive to operate. As a result, these luxury safari properties are more expensive to book. Of course, rates vary greatly depending on the season and it’s possible to find better rates during shoulder seasons.

Because we’re a boutique-style team with close friends in the industry, we can make “the impossible” happen. We can arrange the safari of your dreams If you’re willing to be flexible with your budget, we can honor any request.

How much does a Ugandan Safari Cost?

Other Factors Influencing the Cost of a Safari to Uganda

Visiting much of Africa during the school holidays costs more than going outside the holidays, but other local factors can also impact the cost of your safari. The majority of African national parks have periods when the wildlife spotting is better than other times. If you want to keep costs down, try visiting during a park’s off-season. While this can mean less visible wildlife and, if it’s the Wet season, occasionally washed-out roads, it does bring significantly lower prices, fewer tourists, and gorgeously lush countryside.

The best time to visit Uganda is between July to September and between November to January.

We hardly need to state that the length of time you spend on an African safari has a direct impact on how much it’s going to cost you. And the more days you spend on safari (with the same company), the less you’re going to end up paying on a per-day basis.

Many people are surprised to discover that much of Uganda, where park infrastructure is often better and self-drive and camping safaris easier, offers a cheaper safari experience than in any other East African country.

How much does a Ugandan Safari Cost?

As with any holiday, accommodation is going to eat up the lion’s share of your budget. Starting at the very top are the highly exclusive, tented camps. Deliciously romantic they might be, but there’s no getting away from the fact that these places cost a fortune. In high season many come in at a cool $600 per night for two people.

National Park boards are fully aware that people are willing to pay more to see a cheetah than a hornbill (a type of bird). Visiting a park with an abundance of large and visible mammals will invariably cost you more than visiting a small, low-key park where wildlife attractions are more specialized. If keeping costs down is important then limit your time in big-name parks and instead get excited by the birds and the bees in the smaller, lesser-known protected areas.

How much does a Ugandan Safari Cost?

If your budget is slightly less than $650 pp/day, here are a few ways to maximize your travel investment:

Travel during the shoulder season

Choose a program that includes large, permanent lodges and camps that accommodate between 30-80 people

Choose destinations that offer greater value due to economic and climatic conditions

Shorten the duration of your trip and experience superior conservation areas and accommodations.

How much does a Ugandan Safari Cost?

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