Safe Means of transport in Uganda
Safe Means of transport in Uganda.

Safe Means of transport in Uganda

Traveling safe through Uganda – How to travel across Uganda.

Safe Means of transport in Uganda. Probably one of the more worrying concerns about traveling around Uganda is its high rate of traffic fatalities per vehicle. Roads in Uganda are not well maintained and not well-lit at night and are poorly marked. Driving at night is particularly hazardous with vehicles with no lights on the road and broken-down vehicles left unattended. Drunken driving and speeding are also an issue. During the day, pedestrians and livestock walking on the road are a problem, as well as locals generally not driving well and ignoring basic traffic rules. Safe Means of transport in Uganda

Police enforcement of traffic violations is minimal. If you’re traveling in the care of a reputable tour operator you have less to be concerned about because the drivers make your safety a priority and strictly abide by the laws of the road. However, if you’re traveling solo using public transport; you need to be careful what mode of transport you choose and, if possible, avoid traveling anywhere at night in Uganda.

Safe Means of transport in Uganda

Recommended safe means of Transport in Uganda

BY AIR Transport

There are several reputable private aviation companies offering flights to Fort Portal, Jinja, Kasese, Kisoro, Murchison National Park, Mweya (Queen Elizabeth National Park), Kidepo National Park, and Semliki. The minimum passenger requirement is 4 – 7 travelers, depending on the destination. Passengers are allowed 15 kgs of luggage per person in soft bags.

Aero link

Aerolink is a reputable domestic airline servicing destinations throughout Uganda, including Kisoro, Kihihi, Mweya, Kasese, Fort Portal, Gulu, Kidepo NP, and Moroto. Kajjansi Airfield is located 20 kilometers from Kampala, towards Entebbe.

Safe Means of transport in Uganda

BY ROAD transport

Public buses and taxis are not recommended as safe transport options for foreign visitors. Shuttle buses operated by a reputable transport company are a safer option to go for.

Safe Means of transport in Uganda

Some of the Road Transport Companies in Uganda Include.

Jaguar Executive Coaches

This is a safe and reliable service run by a private bus company. It services the route from Kampala to Kigali at a cost of approx. US$40; departing from Kampala at 1h00, 3h00, 9h00, 18h00 and 20h00. Passengers have the option of a VIP section with more comfortable seats.

Global Bus Company.

This is very popular with the route between Kampala to Mbarara Charging about 10 to 15 dollars. Per transfer to Mbarara or from Mbarara. When in Mbarara you can connect to any part of the western part of the country

Safe Boda

Safe Boda motorcycles are a popular mode of transport in Kampala. Motorcycle drivers are well-trained and professional and arrive with helmets for their passengers. The motorcycle service is booked and paid for using an app similar to the Uber app.

Safe Means of transport in Uganda

Tour operators.

For safe Travels through Uganda, it’s recommended that you use the services of an experienced travel operator to arrange your travels through Uganda. Most travel companies operate fleets of very well-maintained cars customized and designed specifically for travel, they are all insured and come with drivers that are very well-trained and have knowledge of the destination.

Safe Means of transport in Uganda

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