What is the Simplest Gorilla family to trek
What is the Simplest Gorilla family to trek.

Simplest Gorilla family to trek

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What is the Simplest Gorilla family to trek in Uganda and Rwanda. Different Tourists, who come to Uganda for Gorilla trekking always ask which “Gorilla family is easy to trek?” Since the Gorilla permit prices were increased in Rwanda from USD750 to USD1500.00 and Uganda considering increasing its price sometime next year, some tourists want to enjoy their experience of Gorilla trekking by paying now and trying to look for the easiest Gorilla family to trek.

Easiest Gorilla family to trek versus Gorilla family allocation

The issue of the easiest Gorilla family to trek has been sorted by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. According to the new developments, the Gorilla family’s allocation is now based on the interests, age, and physical abilities of individuals.

Some clients have been misled to think that in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, some Gorilla groups are hard to find while others are easier. Sometimes there are chances when a tourist goes for a trek and within 15-30 minutes, they are with the Gorillas while others will spend three-quarters of the day in the forest looking out for these creatures and by the time they find them, they are already exhausted. When they go back, they post different feedback messages on their Facebook pages or trip advisor telling people not to track this or that group of Gorillas. The truth of the fact is that Uganda has a variety of wildlife Gorillas are wild animals and you will never tell their movements all the time. Their movements depend on several factors’ food and water availability fear, and also, especially when they fight with another group and they have to move away from that location. A mountain gorilla family that was nearer yesterday might be far away the next day so the Gorilla family is easier to trek depending on the day’s experience.

Rushegura Gorilla Family commonly known as R-Group has been accepted as an easier group because the starting point is in Buhoma just at the National Park offices and its territory is in the same sector. In most cases, tourists have indeed had to trek it easier than other Gorilla groups but, in some seasons, this group can move deep in the forest and becomes as hard as any other group. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will have an easier trek.

Other clients book Gorilla permits in different sectors and book accommodation in another sector. This then requires them to start very early to drive so that they reach the starting point of trekking in time. In other words, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park has four sectors, which are, Buhoma in the northern, Rushaga and Nkuringo both in the southern and Ruhija in the eastern.

Katland safaris ltd always advises our clients that when they book Gorilla permits for Gorilla families in Ruhija, please do book accommodation in the same sector. This will reduce the drive time so that you don’t have to drive very early to reach the starting point.

The other question is why did my tour operator book me a hard Gorilla family to trek? It all comes back to some of the factors mentioned above but kindly note that Gorilla permits are sold on a first come first serve basis and if by the time of booking your Gorilla permit, there was no alternative but to book you a group which was told to you that it was hard, then know that was the choice. To avoid this, make sure you acquire your Gorilla permit way in advance-5 months in advance to enable you to make a choice.

In conclusion, Gorilla Tracking in Uganda can sometimes be strenuous and a certain level of fitness is always required. If you have this level of fitness and your prime goal is to trek the Mountain Gorillas, then the above complaints should not arise.

What is the Simplest Gorilla family to trek

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