Other things to see in Uganda and Rwanda besides Gorillas.
Other things to see in Uganda and Rwanda besides Gorillas.

Other things to see in Uganda and Rwanda besides Gorillas.

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Other things to see in Uganda and Rwanda besides Gorillas. Besides gorillas, there are many things to see and activities to participate in other than mountain gorilla trekking. These include activities such as wildlife safaris, mountain climbing tours, culture and community encounters, filming and photography safaris, and volunteer tours among other activities. By participating in a Wildlife safari for example, one may encounter exciting wild species including tree-climbing lions, elephants, Rhinos, leopards, buffaloes, chimpanzees, Birds such as a shoebill stork, beautiful lakes and rivers. We always advise our travelers to couple a wildlife safari with a mountain gorilla trekking safari in Uganda for the best Africa Safari Adventure. Uganda is endowed with the most beautiful flora and fauna, culture, and people. From the source of the Nile to the wide Savannah planes, to the birds and Africa’s big 5 games, Uganda will remain with you everywhere you go after a Uganda gorilla Safari.

Other things to see in Uganda and Rwanda besides Gorillas. Uganda may be the best safari country in Africa for a large variety of bird species and great birding safari habitats. Determined birders often see more than 400 species on a 12–14-day Uganda birding safari. There are also many other species of primates you are likely to see on a Mountain Gorilla trekking safari or a pure birding safari trip. The Rwenzori Mountains invite more extended hiking. Wetland habitats and Lake Victoria also hold cultural and natural history safari attractions.


Other things to see in Uganda and Rwanda besides Gorillas. In Rwanda besides gorillas, one can see wildlife in Akagera national park, Chimpanzee in Nyungwe Forest, visit Dian Fossey Museum, Kigali genocide memorial, and local markets.  Rwanda is a beautiful, green, thriving country attracting many visitors for wildlife viewing in Akagera national park and Nyungwe Forest. Rwanda is well known as the land of Thousand Hills. The volcanic soil is very rich and subsistence agriculture produces food year around. The genocide of 1994 is powerfully memorialized in Kigali Genocide memorial center and at other sites around the country offering visitors an opportunity to partake in these experiences and learn from them. Currently, there is no apparent ethnic conflict or significant insurgent or militant activity. There is a dynamic rebuilding of the social fabric and a commitment to the youth of the country. You might wish to hike to Karisoke where Diane Fossey conducted her pioneering research, or take a trek to see Golden Monkeys in Volcanoes National Park. This park has the greatest diversity. Other wildlife parks of Rwanda generally do not compare in diversity of species or quality of management with the parks and reserves of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Participate in Chimpanzee trekking.

Trekking chimpanzees in Rwanda and Uganda is done similarly to mountain gorilla trekking because chimps and gorillas are closely related to humans by sharing their 95-98% of DNA Genes with humans. There are more Chimpanzees than Mountain Gorillas left in the wild and they survive over a much broader range. The parks authorities of Uganda and Rwanda also monitor Chimpanzee populations and the groups which have been habituated for tourist visitors. Two main sites for viewing chimpanzees in Uganda are Kibale Forest and Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park. You will hike in groups of 6-12 visitors accompanied by a park guide. Close encounters with Chimpanzees seem to be less predictable than with Mountain Gorillas, though less hiking may be involved.

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