Gorilla trekking with family
Gorilla trekking with family

Gorilla trekking with family – Uganda – Rwanda – Booking your Gorilla trekking permit

Gorilla trekking with family. Creating family memories on vacation is amazing but taking gorilla trekking adventures with family is an exceptionally great plan. Many travelers spend years planning and saving for gorilla trekking but sharing this precious experience with family is a treasure chest for so many great memories. A lot of travelers search for options on the internet and check for the most cost-friendly gorilla trekking packages but the gorilla tracking permit must be the number one cost. Gorilla permits are sold per person per trek in both destinations Uganda and Rwanda. They are not shared nor discounted according to the number of people traveling. Each gorilla permit in Uganda costs $ 700 and in Rwanda, the gorilla permit price is $1500 per person per trek

Things to consider For Gorilla trekking with family – Uganda – Rwanda.

Number of family members for the Gorilla Trekking safari.

Gorilla trekking with family is exciting but how many family members are joining in for the experience? The fewer the people you are traveling with the more the cost per person. In case you are the overall funder of this great African holiday you must look out for the number of people you are planning for.

In case each person is paying for their tour expenses then the more the people added to the family vacation, the less the cost price per person. You get to share the costs of gas, vehicle, the guide driver, and accommodation

Booking your Gorilla trekking permit

Each day the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) issue gorilla trekking permits per day of the year. Travelers book permit as early as a year in advance but booking 3 months to the date of travel is possible based on permits availability. Confirming the availability of gorilla permits doesn’t guarantee that the status quo will remain the same in the next hour or two. The number of gorilla permits available changes timely since all over the world gorilla trekking permits are sold in three countries, that is Uganda, Rwanda, and D.R.Congo. Gorilla trekking with family

The Ages for Family members going for Gorilla Trekking

Doing all activities on an Africa safari as a family is nice but with gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, there is a cap to the age limit which is 15 years and above. This is because of the nature of the topography of Bwindi Forest or Volcanoes Park which needs some hiking to get to the gorillas. At times it may be strenuous locating the mountain gorillas.  Children below this year may find it tiring to move on at some point. This delays the rest of the group yet the forest is huge returning after you have moved a distance is demanding as well. At times these children are affected by altitude which is about 2600m above sea level. This may not work well on children below this age.

Activities that can be done with children below 15 while parents are in for the gorillas.

The park has some activities which may involve children like the village walk, and visiting the Batwa and even some lodges have children’s activities but these are upon request.

Immunization before gorilla Trekking in Africa. (Gorilla trekking with family)

After the Covid-19 pandemic, immunization for Corona per country became relevant. Initially, one of the rules of gorilla trekking included being communicable disease-free, and now more action on disease control is being followed. To be allowed to do gorilla trekking, you must present covid-19 immunization certificate or negative test Corona Virus results at least 72 hours before traveling to see the mountain gorillas. This may seem so stressful but mountain gorilla conservation has taken so many years from the time only about 500 gorillas were existing in the world to currently about 800 mountain gorillas. This conservation achievement can go down the gutters by only one mistake of allowing a communicable disease-infected person to trek the gorillas.

Immunizing for other diseases like yellow fever, malaria, and others as recommended by the travel guidelines is important for your gorilla trekking safari preparations.

For other key arrangements like accommodation, food, and transportation to and from the gorilla trekking destination, you can always contact us  for a more fulfilling gorilla trekking safari with your family.

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