Exploring Lake Mutanda, home to the Punishment Island
Exploring Lake Mutanda, home to the Punishment Island

Exploring Lake Mutanda, home to the Punishment Island – Gorilla Trekking – Bwindi forest- Mgahinga gorilla national park.

Exploring Lake Mutanda, home to the Punishment Island. Lake Mutanda is located in south western Uganda in Kisoro district and its a small fresh water lake a few miles from Kisoro town, the lake Mutanda is such a magnificent sight to visit situated on the foothills of three Virunga mountains and that is Mountain gahinga, mountain sabinyo and mountain muhabura, the three volcanoes create such an amazing scenic view filled with white fluffy clouds which are seen floating around the peaks

Lake Mutanda is home to many beautiful and scenic islands totaling to 15 in number covered by beautiful vegetation. Only one of these islands is habited by the local community and survival activities practiced by the community on this island include crop and tree planting. Lake Mutanda is served by River Rutshuru which flows north wards to Lake Edward. Lake Mutanda is surrounded by dazzling scenic landscape which is composed of rolling hill covered by lush trees, shrubs and terraces of crops which make your visit to this lake very fascinating and exciting.

Lake mutanda is habited by a local community of Abagesera clan. The Abagesera calm occupies a piece of the island where it lives and carries the growing of crops like sugarcane, bananas, peas and many more, in the portion occupied by the community there is a church established on the top of the island which is a worshiping centre for the locals mostly from the mainland and access it through a canoe ride.

The most popular among the islands in Lake Mutanda, is the notable punishment island historically important to the local bakiga community. This island is so attached to the culture of the bakiga people because it’s a place where criminals and social misfits like pregnant girls were taken and dumped as a punishment, and in most cases died there. This is the reason why the locals are afraid of this island as it is perceived as a haunted island by the souls of the dead.

Lake Mutanda and its islands are habitants to a variety of wildlife. The wildlife in the lake and islands include birds, fish and snakes. Bird species include pian-tailed whydah, great cormorant, pied kingfisher, malachite kingfisher and sunbirds. Mutanda is not inhabited by many bird species because of its high-altitude location which facilitate the cold weather conditions at the lake which are very unfavorable to bird life.  Other wildlife living in mutanda and the islands include three fish types that is cat and mad fish, snakes like pythons, chameleon, monitor lizard, clawless otters and hippopotamuses.

Exploring Lake Mutanda, home to the Punishment Island

Tourist activities on Lake Mutanda

Visiting the islands

A safari to Lake mutanda is never complete without visiting the islands, Mutanda is dotted with many beautiful islands such as Punishment Island, Python Island and many more. Visiting the islands is done through a boat on the waters of Lake Mutanda, and while on the boat ride, you get to encounter many mysteries of the islands such as skeletal caves on Punishment Island and Python Island which is a home to python snakes.

Batwa cultural experience

Batwa experience showcases the cultural side of your safari to Mutanda, the lake is surrounded by Kisoro hills which are covered by thick forests. These forests were habitat for the ancient gatherer-hunter Batwa pygmies, though the Batwa people were forcefully chased out of the forest, they still live in two places near Mutanda that is Buniga forest and some parts on the boundaries of walk in Mgahinga forest national park. On a visit to these forests, you will enjoy cultural dances and songs, interact with the elders, spot the Batwa practicing local hunting tactics, building style using local materials and many more.

Nature walks and Hiking

Lake Mutanda is surrounded by numerous hills and to access the lake is only done by hiking, while hiking you get to enjoy beautiful breath-taking scenic views, hiking to and around Mutanda is a 2 Days’ hike from Buhoma sector of Bwindi impenetrable national park to Nkuringo sector. It is on the second day that you ascend to Lake Mutanda and on this activity many trails are used to get to the beautiful lake.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking around Mutanda is an adventurous activity though a bit challenging, this safari involves riding through the hilly terrain surrounding the lake. While biking you get to enjoy the scenic views of green vegetation covered hills, mountain biking requires you to be physically fit and the activity doubles as an entertaining one and also for exercising. As a tourist on this activity, you can either come with your bikes to the lake or rent the bikes from Kisoro

Canoeing boat rides    

Canoeing is one of the most spectacular activities offered on Mutanda, canoeing takes on a canoe ride on the calm waters of the lake. As you ride on the lake you get to enjoy the cool breeze of the lake and the beautiful scenic views around the lake and also you get to see many bird species such as Pin-tailed Whydah, Kites, Malachite Kingfisher, weaver birds, Great Cormorant, Ibis, the Grey-crowned cranes, pied kingfishers and many more.

Photography, filming and Sightseeing

Lake Mutanda is a very picturesque lake with scenic sights making the lake mutanda best for sightseeing, the lake also offers a great opportunity for taking wonderful memorable pictures and exciting travel videos.

Exploring Lake Mutanda, home to the Punishment Island. 

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