Horse Riding Adventures in Jinja
Horse Riding Adventures in Jinja

Horse Riding Adventures in Jinja – Explore Jinja – Uganda Adventure Travel.

Horse Riding Adventures in Jinja. Horse riding through the rural villages of Jinja gives you a lifetime opportunity to see real Uganda, which includes not only the stunning beauty of the river Nile and rural areas but also the village homes, workplaces, trading centers, and lives of people who live around the area. While riding, you may be lucky and see wildlife (birds and monkeys on our rides) but horse-riding tours are not wildlife safaris, they are a snapshot of real-life Africa including all aspects both positive and negative. All rides finish with a stunning 1km trail along the Nile. On longer rides of 2 hours, you can also experience the views from the hills overlooking the Nile Valley and move through the stunning sugar and tea plantation.

Horse Riding Adventures in Jinja

The Jinja horse riding Adventure is operated by the Nile Horse Back Safaris offering a range of rides catering for first-timers to advanced riders. Most of the rides are private rides with only your group on the tour.

The adventure is open between 10 am and 4 pm every day unless you have pre-booked trips outside these hours. Bookings are offered for our 1hr, 1.5hr sunset, and 2hr rides so horses and guides are available when you arrive.

85kg is the rider weight limit for introductory safaris and an 80kg limit for longer rides. This is implemented for rider safety and also for the welfare of the horses. Every safari is taken care of by multiple guides to accommodate those that may want to try going faster and to also allow others to stay within their comfort zone.

Horse Riding Adventures in Jinja

The Horses.

There is availability of a range of sizes and breeds to suit everyone from beginners to advanced skill levels.  The horses come to northern Kenya when they are aged between 1 year and 3 years. The horses are trained for about a year before the guides begin to ride them and at least a year and a half before clients ride them. They are taken care of by a professional vet from South Africa twice every year and occasionally monitored by a local vet regularly. The horses are kept in immaculate condition and are trained in competition disciplines as well as being safari horses. They are well-behaved, safe, and bomb-proof, making them a pleasure to ride.

What is the cost of a horse-riding safari in Jinja?

The price cost of horse riding depends on how long the traveler would like to enjoy the horse ride since it is charged depending on how many hours the traveler would like to go. For example; For kids horse pony ride in an hour is 120,000/= per kid and for 30 minutes pony ride is 70,000/= per kid.

A one-hour horse ride cost 40 USD per adult, one hour and a half horse riding is 50 USD per adult, two hours horse ride is 60 per adult, three hours of horse riding is 90 USD per adult, for an overnight horse ride is 60 USD per adult.

How to book a horse ride safari in Jinja?

For direct bookings and inquiries, travelers can contact the Nile horseback safaris via email or a phone call to their reservation office in Jinja and they will be in a position to give them immediate feedback and they are ready to serve all time.

However, we normally advise travelers to book their horse ride safari in Jinja with an Uganda safari expert operator who will assist them with arranging accommodation, meals, and transportation, as well as giving them different opinions of how best they can enjoy a horse in Jinja. When you book with Katland Safaris, we will offer an extremely ordinary horse ride adventure experience together with our company safari guide who will accompany you to Jinja for your Horse-Riding adventure.

What to pack for a horse ride in Jinja?

For travelers planning to go for a horse ride safari in Jinja, we advise travelers to carry long-sleeved trousers for both men and women, comfortable sports shoes, a helmet or head hut for protection of the head from direct sun rays and in case of an accident, travelers should not forget a cream repellent to protect their skin shine rays on a horse ride a safari and a camera to capture those great memories.

For more information about arranging a horse-Riding Safari in Jinja, please contact Katland Safaris. We have the experience to customize your horse riding in Jinja with other activities on the source of the Nile such as bungee jumping, white water rafting, and zip lining among others that will offer you incredible adventure experiences in the pearl of Africa.

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