Book a Gorilla Permit in Uganda and Rwanda
Book a Gorilla Permit in Uganda and Rwanda

Book a Gorilla Permit in Uganda and Rwanda. Gorilla trekking – Bwindi Impenetrable forest- Volcanoes National park.

Book a Gorilla Permit- The first step in planning for a gorilla trekking safari in both Uganda and Rwanda is by booking for a gorilla trekking permit. A gorilla permit is an official document that allows you to gain access to the different National Parks that are a home to the rare Mountain Gorillas.  Start by providing your name, nationality, dates of when you are planning to visit and your passport. Your permit will be processed and if the dates you have chosen are already booked, other dates will be allocated to you and then a scanned copy of the permit will be sent to your email. When you fly into the country, the tour operator will provide the permit but only after they have confirmed that you are the one who booked. The permit provided to you will have your name and a special serial number making it unique from the rest.

Gorilla Permits in Uganda and Rwanda

Gorilla trekking permits in Uganda can be obtained from the Uganda Tourism board (UTB), Uganda wildlife Authority (UWA) or any registered tour company in the country and in Rwanda they are issued by the Rwanda Tourism board (RTB). if you are planning to get your permit directly from the tourism boards, you will need to send an email to the tourism board so that it can be processed on time.

It is much easier for tourists to get the permits through their preferred tour operators since it is a little bit easy as compared to getting it directly. This makes planning of your gorilla trip easy. The tour operators always know which gorilla families are the best and they will make sure that they get you the gorilla permits with the best families. You will also be trekking gorillas based on your physical fitness and hotel location. It is advisable that you book the permits at least six months before your planned gorilla trek because the permits are always on high demand.

Please feel free to contact us for any more information and any other questions about booking gorilla trekking permits in both Uganda and Rwanda

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