Amazing Facts About Mountain Gorillas
Amazing facts about mountain gorillas

Amazing Facts About Mountain Gorillas -Mountain Gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda- Budget Gorilla trekking safaris.

The most amazing facts about Mountain Gorillas is, gorillas share a 98% DNA with the humans. Globally, gorillas in their natural habitat are found in three countries and these countries includes, Rwanda, Uganda and Congo with Uganda having almost half of the entire remaining population of the mountain gorillas.

In Uganda, these amazing creatures can be trekked in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national game park and in Mgahinga gorilla national park all found in the south western part of Uganda on the boarders of Rwanda and Congo. In Rwanda, the mountain gorillas can be trekked in the Virugas, part of Volcanoes national park in the northwest part of Rwanda.

Amazing facts about mountain gorillas.

The gentle giants are shy and strong. A mountain Gorilla will never chase you when you look into its eyes however if threatened, they can be aggressive, they beat their chests and roar.

Female Gorillas produce at the age of 10years they carry 1 to 2 babies in the womb and go through a gestation period of 8 and a half months bearing 2 to 6 off springs in a life time.

Mountain Gorillas are mainly herbivores – they feed mostly on Bamboo shoot, leaf plants, fruits.

Adult Mountain Gorilla can feed to about 30kg a day.

Mountain Gorillas share almost the same DNA with human beings 98%.

Gorillas build nests on both trees and ground the nests are built out of leaves and branches.

The hair grows in a greyish color on their back as they age this defines their name silverback. The silverback is in charge of all activities of the family and fathering the children.

The leaders and aged Mountain Gorillas are called silverbacks and the male silver back is in charge of leading families which includes females and young ones.

Mountain Gorillas can live in a group of up to 30 members including females and young ones.

The silverback will fight to protect the family as well as the mother will fight to death to protect her young ones.

Mountain Gorillas are intelligent they use communication methods including sounds.

Gorillas have a nose print such as human finger prints which is used to identify members of the family.

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