Affordable Gorilla Trekking Holidays
Affordable Gorilla Trekking Holidays

Affordable Gorilla Trekking Holidays. Gorilla  Trekking Experience through Uganda and Rwanda- Book a budget Gorilla trekking holiday.

Affordable Gorilla Trekking Holidays– Encountering the gentle giant of the jungle in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks of Uganda is absolutely one of the most exciting adventure highlights of a Safari in East Africa. The exhilaration attached to setting your eyes on a Mountain Gorilla for the very first time is unexplainable. These enormous animals are times more bulky than an average person and more peaceful than any person would ever imagine.

More impressive than their size and bearing is their gentle attitude towards people which greatly differs from that of any other wild animal you will ever encounter in Africa. Almost everybody who visits the Gorillas experiences a mystical session of recognition from these beautiful gentle giants. At most cases one of the giants will break off from the business of chopping Bamboo to carefully study a human visitor with soft brown eyes staring deeply into the visitor’s seeking a connection.

Uganda being home to more than half of the world’s remaining mountain Gorillas, gives every traveler the opportunity to experience these gentle giants in a very beautiful and green rewarding environment.

Affordable Gorilla Trekking Holidays

12 Habituated Gorilla groups live in Uganda with one group Nyakagezi living in Mgahinga Gorilla National park although it’s prone to migrating to Rwanda for long periods. The remaining 11 groups are all located in Bwindi including Rushagura, Habinyanja and Mubare groups near the impenetrable forest around the primary tourist site of Buhoma. Five groups of Kahunge,  Mishaya, Busingye, Nshongi and Bwoza are tracked at Rushaga Uganda’s newest trail head; and Butukura and Oruzego groups are found in Ruhija. These  four groups have been a result of the divisions  and sub divisions of Nshongi group since 2009. And finally the Nkuringo group inhabits the forest Margins at Nkuringo if you are tracking Mountain Gorillas either as an individual or as a Group. You can be rest assured that Katland Safaris will male all the necessary arrangements to get you there, find you the best accommodation and book for you pounds in advance.

Choose to travel with Katland Safaris today for an ultimate and unforgettable Gorilla experience of a life time.

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